Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Habari Gani, Familia?

We've arrived safely in Maji ya Chai, Tanzania and have settled into our very comfy abode. Nick, one of the co-leaders, and the Mamas did a great job acquiring just about everything we needed from mattresses for our bunk beds to the foodstuffs the Mamas have deliciously prepared for our dinners and lunch.

Nick didn't buy everything though. Yesterday the students bought sundry items (shovels, soap, buckets, etc.) during the scavenger hunt which let them test some of the Kiswahili they learned earlier in the day.

Here in Maji ya Chai the days are sunny and warm, but the mornings and nights are chillier than many of us expected. The high altitude at the base of Mount Meru accounts for the hats and fleeces we don to keep ourselves warm when we're not taking advantage of our fire pit.

Many of us are still tired from our long travels, but the hard work on our project, digging trenches to bring fresh water to the village, should have us turning in at a reasonable hour and getting lots of sleep tonight.

Our first orientation and cultural presentation went well, and when last we checked in with our students they were was all '10's', representing their maximum happiness with life in Tanzania.

You'll be hearing from the students soon. For now, I'm off to go join them for tonight's beading session.

Kwa Heri,
Zik, Megan, and Nick